The Story of Kimberly Bryan

Kimberly Bryan

The story of Kimberly Bryan - owner of Purely Kneaded in Reno, Nevada - is the most inspiring podcast you will listen to. In this new podcast of the Body Beauty Show, Kimberly sits down with Cryoskin distributor Artemis to discuss her life’s journey from living on the streets to now building a - soon to be - million+ a year wellness business.

When Kimberly was exhausted of any options, was beat down, and seemingly spit out it's no wonder so many reach for the bell and choose to hit eject on their hopes, their dreams, and the future they could have otherwise had. This podcast is about Kimberly's true testament of choosing her victor mindset versus that of the tempting victim mindset.

You can listen to the free episode on Spotify by clicking here.

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