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Massage has been used for centuries as a safe and effective healing technique.


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Ultimately the goal of every therapeutic massage at Purely Kneaded is to provide maximum pain relief. Our massage therapist Kimberly Bryan will take the time to learn about each client’s aches, pains, past injuries, massage preferences, and goals before we begin and then customize their massage to meet their individual needs.


During a 30-, 60-, 90-, or 120 minute session, your massage therapist can provide a full-body massage or focus on addressing specific problem areas. blending a variety of massage techniques, such as Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, Himalayan stone, to effectively release knots and tight muscles. Following a custom-blended massage, our clients report feeling less pain and more relaxed. As an added benefit, our massages also calm nerves, ease tension, improve blood circulation, improve mobility, and flush out toxins that can build up in connective tissue.

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At Purely Kneaded Therapeutic Massage Center, our pregnancy massage service consists of a custom-blended, therapeutic massage designed to address each expectant mother’s specific aches and pains. We use pillows to help keep the mother-to-be comfortable and combine Swedish, deep tissue massage in Reno, NV, and other massage techniques to help ease tight neck muscles, tense shoulders, sore feet and legs, sciatic nerve pain, and lower back pain. Depending upon your preference, our therapist can either provide a full-body massage or focus on specific areas.

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Our therapeutic massage services are specifically designed to help our clients address aches, pains, and other issues. For those who don’t want to rely solely on medication, we offer custom therapeutic massages that effectively relieve pain related to knots, poor posture, muscle tightness. Our massages reduce muscle tension, break up old scar tissue, increase range of motion, enhance blood circulation, and remove toxins that can accumulate in muscle tissues. Therapeutic massage has also been proven to help manage or alleviate pain and discomfort caused by arthritis, carpal tunnel, sciatica.

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Warm Himalayan salt stones are applied with pressure, using Swedish massage techniques. During the course of the treatment, the minerals are absorbed through the skin. The effect is a profound sense of well-being.

A Himalayan Salt Stone Massage can also zero out the body’s electromagnetic field. Electronic devices such as phones and computers can disrupt natural energy flow within the body. The stone’s neutral structure and natural resonant frequency help to realign energy pathways and restore balance to the central nervous system. Himalayan Hot Stone Massage has also been proven to help manage healthy blood sugar, lower blood pressure, relieves anxiety and addresses insomnia, emits negative ions when heated, delivering a myriad of health benefits from higher mental alertness to protection against germs in the air.

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Sound therapy using Tuning Forks is a powerful, non-invasive healing modality that uses sound vibration to re-harmonize and attune the human energy field. It has been used successfully to treat a wide variety of conditions by unblocking or releasing energy disturbances inside and outside the body. Sound therapy can help with anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, lowers stress, decreases mood swings, lowers blood pressure, lowers risk for coronary artery disease and stroke, improves sleep.

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