Things to Ask Before Undergoing Cryoskin Therapy


Cryoskin is a treatment method that involves using extreme cold to freeze and destroy fat cells and abnormal tissues in your body. Cryoskin is highly effective in treating various medical ailments like bone cancer, precancerous skin conditions, other skin ailments like warts, dark spots, etc., and toning your body. However, before you opt for cryoskin treatment, you need to clear any doubts about the therapy.

Here are a few common questions that you should have answers to before going for cryoskin treatment.

1. Is cryoskin therapy safe?
The first thing you would want to know about any medical treatment is whether it’s safe? During the session, certified professionals use liquid nitrogen to apply extreme cold to your abnormal tissues. They control the temperature and every other element during the procedure, so it is entirely safe and has minimal side effects.

2. How should I prepare for cryoskin therapy?
Most people do not require any specific preparation for the procedure as it is non-invasive. Still, consult your healthcare professional before the procedure for any detailed instructions. You may have to take some medications before the procedure, including blood thinners and making some changes in your diet.

3. What should I expect during the procedure?
It depends on whether you are going for internal or external cryoskin therapy. External cryoskin therapy is mainly used on your skin, during which professionals apply liquid nitrogen on skin tissue using a spraying device. Internal therapy is used to treat conditions like cancer, wherein doctors use a cryoprobe inserted into your body through a small incision. The tumor cell and tissues are frozen and then removed. During internal therapy, you may receive local anesthesia to numb the area.

4. What happens after the cryoskin procedure?
There are no long-term side effects of cryoskin therapy. However, after the treatment, you may notice some redness or blisters on the targeted area—both go away in 3 to 4 days. Any mild pain or soreness you may feel also fades within 2 to 3 days.

5. When should I call a doctor?
Cryoskin therapy is minimally invasive, and for most patients, there are no problems after the treatment. However, in rare cases, complications can occur, especially for internal procedures. If you notice any loss of feeling in the targeted area due to nerve damage, consult a doctor immediately. Other complications can include bleeding, swelling, fever, or skin infections.

6. How many sessions should I take?
The answer to this question varies according to your condition and the treatment you are opting for. Therefore, consult your cryoskin professional for a definitive answer. However, most treatments require a minimum of 5-10 sessions, which take over 3 to 4 weeks to complete with an interval of one or two days between each session.

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